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Sprayer tanks

LINEA series

LINEA series

The technical data and descriptions are not binding. The company reserves the right to make any alterations it deems necessary without prior warning.

1 piece: Main tank
2 pieces: Main tank + Hand-washing tank
3 pieces: Main tank + System-washing tank + Hand-washing tank


I - Threaded ring Ø140
II - Ring for hinged tank lid Ø455 (or threaded ring on request)
III - Ring for hinged tank lid Ø355 (or threaded ring on request)
IV - Pipe for cardan shaft Ø160 + set of brass flanges provided separately to be assembled according to one's own design
V - Tap
VI - Lids with breather

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ENAMA Certification

the Certificates ENAMA are available on the website www.enama.it